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How To: Bet on any sport and win using R25 Free Bet

How To: Bet on any sport and win using R25 Free Bet

1st there are no sure bets – Only well researched bets that have a high probability of winning, but anything can happen in the beautiful game – sometimes you get lucky – really really lucky.

Never play with $ you cannot afford to lose!

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Bet Types:

There are many options/markets to bet on in one game – from a (Straight Win) to (Double Chance) to (Over/Under) goal bets to (10 Min Draw) and many many more.

In this post we will focus on the common 1X2 three-way bet type with the draw option.

Selections are:

‘1’ – stands for Home team to win (1)
‘2’ – stands for Away team to win (2)
‘X’ – stands for the match to be drawn (X)

Double chance covers two out of three outcomes and increases your chances but reduces the potential payouts.

More straight winner bets are lost because of the (x) draw – remember that all games start 0-0 (x) – Add a draw to your straight winners as insurance – the odds will be smaller but so will the risk.

‘1X’ – stands for Home/Draw
‘X2′ – stands for Draw/Away
’12’ – stands for Home/Away

For example, a game finishes Sundowns 1-0 Liverpool = Result is (1) – If you bet on ‘1X’ or ‘12’, then you win. If you picked ‘X2’, then you lose.

All Bet Results are always based on 90 Mins (Extra Time (ET) only counts when playing Sportstake).


Betting odds represent the probability of an outcome and you can work out how much money you will win if your bet wins.

Decimal Odds/European Odds

Decimal odds are the most common odds type, offered by all bet companies and are easy to understand.

Your Bet/Stake x Odds = Payout

Typical Odds:

Liverpool For The Win Pays: 

Bet/Stake: (R10.00)

Odds: (1.25)

Potential Payout: (12.50) or 2.50 profit

Liverpool Win/Draw (1x) Pays: 

Bet/Stake: (R10.00)

Odds: (1.14)

Potential Payout: (11.40) or 1.40 profit

Not much of a payout?

Well by adding more games to your bet slip you can get very good return for very little risk – like this 9 leg train bet.

Today’s Best Soccer Bet:

You will need a Betway Account To complete the next steps – Register Here

Bet/Stake: (R25.00)

Odds: (10.77)

Potential Payout: (296) or 271 profit

This bet has more risk so mix and match according to your taste.

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Playing 3/4 teams on one ticket is the best long term strategy – remember that small wins everyday = BIG PAYOUT MONTH END – GOOD LUCK.

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