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EPL Fixture List

Weds 17th June

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United (6 pm)

Man City vs Arsenal (8 pm)

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Fri 19th June

Norwich vs Southampton (6 pm) Sky Sports

Tottenham vs Manchester United (8 pm) Sky Sports

Sat 20th June

Watford vs Leicester (12.30 pm) BT Sport

Brighton vs Arsenal (3 pm) BT Sport

West Ham vs Wolves (5.30 pm) Sky Sports

Bournemouth vs Crystal Palace (7.45 pm) BBC

Sun 21st June

Newcastle vs Sheffield United (3 pm)

Aston Villa vs Chelsea (5.30 pm)

Everton vs Liverpool (8 pm)

Mon 22nd June

Man City vs Burnley (9 pm)

Tues 23rd June

Southampton vs Arsenal (7 pm)

Tottenham vs West Ham (9.15 pm)

Weds 24th June

Manchester United vs Sheffield United (7 pm)

Newcastle vs Aston Villa (7 pm)

Norwich vs Everton (7 pm)

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace (9.15 pm)

Thurs 25th June

Burnley vs Watford (7 pm)

Leicester vs Brighton (7 pm)

Chelsea vs Man City (9.15 pm)

Wolves vs Bournemouth (9.15 pm)

Sat 27th June

Sheffield United vs Arsenal (FA Cup) (6 pm)

Norwich vs Manchester United (FA Cup) (9.15 pm)

Sun 28th June

Aston Villa vs Wolves (1 pm)

Leicester vs Chelsea (FA Cup) (3.30 pm)

Newcastle vs Man City (FA Cup) (7 pm)

Watford vs Southampton (5.30 pm)

Mon 29th June

Crystal Palace vs Burnley (9 pm)

Tues 30th June

Brighton vs Manchester United (7 pm)

Sheffield United vs Tottenham (9.15 pm)

Weds 1st July

Bournemouth vs Newcastle (7 pm)

Everton vs Leicester (7 pm)

West Ham vs Chelsea (9.15 pm)

Thurs 2nd July

Arsenal vs Norwich (7 pm)

Man City vs Liverpool (9.15 pm)

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All content published on this web site is based on the most current and correct soccer betting data available, anything can happen in sport, there are no guarantees – any team can Win, Lose or Draw on any day.

Always use our tips as a guide and play them at your own risk.

We use the common 1X2 three-way bet type with the draw option.

Selections are:

‘1’ – stands for Home team to win
‘2’ – stands for Away team to win
‘X’ – stands for the match to be drawn

Double chance covers two out of three outcomes and increases your chances.

‘1X’ – stands for Home/Draw
‘X2′ – stands for Draw/Away
’12’ – stands for Home/Away

For example, a game finishes Chiefs 1-0 Liverpool. If you bet on ‘1X’ or ‘12’, then you win. If you picked ‘X2’, then you lose.

Check All Your Bets Before Your Submit – Good Luck and remember to
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